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Product Description

Silicone Sex Doll is ready to make all your fantasies come true with her beautiful figure and smooth skin.
Cute doll is a sex goddess who will teach the secrets of Asian sex, as is willing to make all your wishes and captivate with her large breasts. It is realistic size and you can put in the position most want.

Height: 145cm
Net length(Heel to neck):130cm
Hand length:62cm
Thigh length:79cm
Medial thigh length: 69cm
Under bust: 60cm
Vaginal depth: 18cm
Anal hole: 17cm
Oral cavity depth: 13cm
Foot length:20.5cm
Shoe size:35cm
Underwear Size:32E

silicone sex doll

What is a Silicone Sex Doll?

A realistic doll is a replica of the body of a woman, made of silicone and articulated with a metal frame. Silicone Skin is very soft and touching, closely resembles the skin of the body. Thanks to the metal structure, you can move each part very realistic (legs, thighs, arms and forearms, hands, feet, torso …).

What does “discreet shipping” mean?

Discretion is our policy. With any order you place with us, we never write terms like “sex doll” or “erotic doll” in the box and never disclose the content. You can rest assured, your neighbor or the mailman will not notice anything.

How long does the order need?

You will receive your order within 10 days. But if you order a large doll silicone, we need about three weeks to prepare and customize before shipment.

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